10 Ariana Grande Dance Videos So Good They'll Have You Bopping From Side to Side


Pop queen Ariana Grande's songs are all certified jams and utterly danceable, but if you think Ariana is a great dancer, just wait until you see professionals take on her songs. From Los Angeles to South Korea, expert choreographers love putting their moves to Ariana's hits, and when they get the best dancers in the business to perform it, the results are pretty insane. Whether you can bust out impressive moves yourself on the dance floor or have two left feet, read on to see world-famous choreographers and their dancers take on Ariana and prepare to have your jaw drop.

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Kyle Hanagami, "7 Rings"

Choreographed by LA-based choreographer Kyle Hanagami, this video is insanely slick, sexy, and has a special surprise waiting at 3:11. We don't know what we love watching more — the moves or the facials!

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Jojo Gomez, "God is a Woman"

LA-based choreographer Jojo Gomez has taken on plenty of Ariana Grande songs, but this slow and sultry video to "God is a Woman" is so empowering — especially since you can hear all the ladies watching cheering their fellow dancers on! The best part: you can attempt to learn the choreography yourself with her step-by-step video.

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Alexander Chung, "Into You"

Canadian born and LA-based choreographer Alexander Chung is known for his high-energy videos and accessible choreography, but just wait until you get a look at the two fierce young soloists in the second half.

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Marissa Heart, "Greedy"

Part of NBC's second season of World of Dance as a choreographer and contestant with her group, Marissa & The Heartbreakers, LA-based choreographer Marissa Heart and her dancers show off moves in this video that we didn't even think the human body was capable of performing.

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Mina Myong, "Focus"

South Korean choreographer Mina Myong and her dancers at 1MILLION Dance Studio in Seoul show off some serious sass (and incredible hairography) as they take on "Focus."

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May J Lee, "Bang Bang"

Another 1MILLION Dance Studio instructor, South Korea-based choreographer May J Lee is a ball of energy, but no matter how intense her choreography gets, you can always rely on her to keep smiling.

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Bobby Newberry, "Into You"

Inventive LA-based choreographer Bobby Newberry brings major sexiness and swag as he takes on "Into You," and these powerful dancers perform the piece as though their lives depend on it. Prepare to be mesmerized.

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Jojo Gomez, "Dangerous Woman"

We can't resist including another Jojo Gomez-choreographed piece, this time to "Dangerous Woman," and our necks hurt just watching this one. Be warned: we're not sure that you are prepared for the move that happens at 5:50.

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Kyle Hanagam, "Side to Side"

Kyle Hanagami nails it again with his choreography for "Side to Side," and the dancers make it look so effortless that you might think you can take this one on yourself. Spoiler: you can't.

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Yanis Marshall, "No Tears Left to Cry"

French dancer and choreographer Yanis Marshall is sexy as hell, and he takes his choreography to the next level by doing it all in a pair of heels. If you're still struggling to walk in a straight line with high heels, get ready to have your mind blown.