Ariana Grande Serves as Commander in Chief in Her "Positions" Video

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Ariana Grande's "Positions" music video hasn't solved any worldwide problems, but it sure has put a pep in my step just in time for the weekend, and that's really all we need these days! The singer dropped the music video at midnight on Oct. 22, after teasing fans with sneak peeks and a countdown to the release of both the single and her sixth studio album, also titled Positions. Appropriately released shortly after the final presidential debate, the music video features Ariana switching roles between serving as the president and "cookin' in the kitchen" and "in the bedroom."

In the video, the singer plays the role of the commander in chief, sitting in the Oval Office, addressing her counsel, and walking her dogs on the White House lawn (in some stunning outfits, we may add). She's then seen whipping up dishes in the kitchen, and continues to shift back and forth between these "positions." The empowering bop is certainly reminiscent of the sultry, R&B days during her Dangerous Woman era. If "Positions" is any indication, we're going to be jamming when Grande drops the album! Watch the music video above.