Exclusive: Watch Amanda Seyfried Meet a Very, VERY Adorable Dog in The Art of Racing in the Rain

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It's hard to imagine that anyone would be able to look at a Golden Retriever and feel anything other than the urge to say "aww!" and run over to give them some pets. And yet, that's exactly what happens when Eve (Amanda Seyfried) first meets Enzo, her boyfriend Denny's furry BFF, in The Art of Racing in the Rain.

Denny, played by This Is Us's Milo Ventimiglia, is eager to make both of the loves of his life get along, but clearly both Eve and Enzo have some warming up to do. You can see their first, hesitant interaction in our exclusive clip from the heartwarming drama above.

Check out the footage from the film — which was adapted from Garth Stein's 2008 novel of the same name — and then be sure to watch the trailer before it arrives in theaters on Aug. 9.