You're Not Alone: Aubrey Plaza Wants People to Root For Riley and Abby in Happiest Season

Happiest Season is the holiday movie giving everyone something to talk about this year, especially when it comes to the central love story between Abby and Harper — and what could've been between Riley and Abby. The internet, myself included, seems pretty convinced that "Abiley" (played by Kristen Stewart and Aubrey Plaza, respectively) is the true pairing that never happened. Turns out, this might've been Plaza's master plan all along.

There are layers to the complicated love between Harper and Abby, but when Riley — Harper's former girlfriend — enters the scene, it's clear she'd make a better match for Abby. During an interview with costar Dan Levy for FabTV, Plaza admitted she wanted fans to fall in love with the idea of a romantic relationship between Abby and Riley by the film's end. "I hope people walk away from the movie and they're disappointed that Kristen Stewart didn't end up with my character and they riot in the streets about it," she joked. "For me, it's a competition, acting is a competition, and I just want to win."

Naturally, Plaza delivered these sentiments with her signature sarcasm, but fans resonate with the feelings nonetheless. In fact, one Twitter user asked for Abby and Riley's scenes to be supercut together, because "this is a romcom all on it's own." The people, and Plaza, have spoken. Catch her comments in the video below, starting at the 3:35 mark.

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