Would Ben Higgins Consider Being the Bachelor Again? It's Possible

Since Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell split, fans have wondered whether he might consider being The Bachelor again — and it sounds like he isn't ruling it out. Now that The Bachelorette has wrapped, there's speculation about who might lead the next season of The Bachelor. If Higgins were to take on the role, it wouldn't be the first time the franchise had a repeat Bachelor (cough, Brad Womack, cough), but it sounds pretty unlikely. "I don't want to say I wouldn't, but I can't say I would," Higgins told Us Weekly, explaining that he wants to dedicate time to the projects he's passionate about right now. "I'd be sacrificing things that I don't want to neglect," he said.

Meanwhile, Higgins also addressed the question with Ashley Iaconetti on their podcast, The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast. "It doesn't feel like a time in my life that I would be the best man possible for the women that would come on this season," he said, adding that it would be "disrespectful" to be on the show so fresh out of a relationship. "At this point in my life, I don't think it's the wise thing to do," he said. "So I will not be your Bachelor for this next season." Luckily for fans, there are plenty of possible candidates from Rachel's season who could be on the next "most dramatic season" of The Bachelor ever.