Benedict Cumberbatch Rocks Booty Shorts and Makes Out With a Dead Grandma on SNL

For all of the "Cumberb*tches" out there who have been eagerly anticipating Benedict Cumberbatch's first time hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live, his "Surprise Bachelorette" sketch definitely doesn't disappoint. In it, the Doctor Strange actor and new cast member Mikey Day play dim-witted strippers hired to give a soon-to-be-wed grandmother (Aidy Bryant) the night of her life. The only problem? She has a heart attack when the festivities start, so the rest plays out like a very NSFW version of Weekend at Bernie's. Between Cumberbatch humping Bryant's head (in a pair of very tiny denim shorts, FYI) and giving her a very graphic kiss, it's a lot to take in. A trio of Chicago Cubs players also make an appearance, so check it out, or feel free to just watch the GIF below for all eternity: