10 Ari Lennox Songs You'll Want to Lie Back and Vibe To

I've reached the point where I can't quite imagine living in a world without Ari Lennox's music. The 28-year-old DC native's star has been on the rise since the release of her debut album, Shea Butter Baby, back in May, but she isn't exactly a new kid on the block. Lennox has been signed to rapper J. Cole's label, Dreamville, since 2015, and in that time she's released two projects that have sauntered onto the Billboard charts and caused fans — including myself — to become entranced with her seductive, smooth-as-silk vocals.

Her music is definitely a vibe, and if you need proof, read ahead to check out some the singer's best hits to date.

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"Up Late"

This sultry slow jam from Lennox's debut album tells the story of a late night sexual encounter, though you might not get that idea from its accompanying video that was released back in May.

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"Shea Butter Baby" Feat. J. Cole

Rapper J. Cole offers up an assist on this number which also happens to be the title track on Lennox's first album. The song sees both artists discussing their fantasies and what they like to do in the bedroom.

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"La La La La"

Released back in 2016 as one of seven tracks on the singer's first Dreamville release, Pho, "La La La La" is a bluesy track on which Lennox reminisces about being wrapped up in a former lover's arms.

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"Broke" Feat. JID

In "Broke," Lennox and her Dreamville label mate, JID, sing about the highs and lows of being in love while having less-than-ideal financial situations.

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An abbreviation for "break me off," "BMO" sees Lennox expressing her feelings for a crush — and casually mentioning what she'd like for said crush to do to her in the bedroom.

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"40 Shades of Choke"

To put it simply, this song is about being choked in the bedroom, though Lennox's voice flows so beautifully over the synth-y background beats that you almost forget about the song's kinky undertones.

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"New Apartment"

May we all one day be able to experience the kind of freedom that Lennox sings about in "New Apartment." The 4-minute song sees her singing about the benefits of venturing out on your own, including but not limited to walking around naked and using as much hot water as you damn well please.

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"Night Drive"

On "Night Drive," the singer croons about taking a late night drive around the city with a former lover.

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"I Been"

In "I Been," Lennox sings about a particularly tough breakup, the effects it had on her, and what she's been doing to cope in the fallout.

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"Whipped Cream"

Despite the name, "Whipped Cream," isn't just about whipped cream. Lennox uses the song to talk about eating her feelings to get over a past beau that she can't seem to stop thinking or dreaming about.