10 Essential Kacey Musgraves Songs Every Fan Needs to Have on Their Playlist

You don't have to be a country music fan to appreciate Kacey Musgraves's music. The singer first rose to fame in 2006 and has been shaking up the music industry ever since. Not only is she an extremely talented singer and songwriter, but her songs are all about going against the grain and being your true self. While Musgraves already has two Grammy wins under her belt, this year she took home her first win for album of the year for the 2018 album, Golden Hour. Whether you've loved the singer for years or you're just getting on the Musgraves bandwagon, here are a few essential songs you need to add to your playlist, in no particular order.

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"Merry Go 'Round"

The singer's debut single really helped put her on the map. Not only does it show off her songwriting abilities by using a play on words from the nursery rhyme "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary," but it also earned Musgraves her first Grammy win for best country song in 2014.

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"Follow Your Arrow"

This song from Musgraves's debut album, Same Trailer Different Park, has easily become one of her biggest hits over the years. While it stays true to the country genre musically, it also goes against the grain lyrically by pointing out Southern hypocrisy and encouraging her fans to forge their own path however they see fit.

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"Silver Lining"

This song is one of Musgraves's more uplifting tunes from her album Same Trailer Different Park. While a lot of the tracks on her debut album feature her sass and no-nonsense attitude, "Silver Lining" takes a lighter approach by talking about finding the light in the darkest times.

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"The Trailer Song"

Though the 2014 song wasn't featured on any of her albums, this witty song about telling off your nosy neighbor is an essential Musgraves tune.

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If you've seen Musgraves's merch, then you're probably familiar with her song "Biscuits." The track was Musgraves's lead single from her second album, Pageant Material, and features a "delicious" play on words about how if you "mind your own biscuits" then "life will be gravy."

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"Cup of Tea"

This song from Musgraves's second album, Pageant Material, may not have been one of her singles, but it's a classic nonetheless. Not only does it feature the singer's signature witty lyrics, but it also preaches the importance of staying true to who you are, whether people like it or not.

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"Dime Store Cowgirl"

This song was Musgraves's second single from Pageant Material and really gets to the singer's roots and how she's grown as an artist. When Musgraves was younger, she used to sing "super-Western swing" and would always wear her cowboy hat "cocked back" until a mom of a girl she sang with told her, "Don't you wear your hat like that, you're just gonna look like some dime store cowgirl!" While the song references how her life has changed since then, including getting to sing with country music legend Willie Nelson, she notes that she will always be that young "dime store cowgirl" at heart.

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The singer's lead single from her album Golden Hour certainly shows Musgraves's romantic side as she sings about falling in love and finding the right person. It's pretty fitting seeing that Musgraves first wrote the tune after meeting her now-husband, country singer Ruston Kelly.

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"Space Cowboy"

The singer's second single from Golden Hour is heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time as Musgraves sings about a broken relationship and learning to let go. You can't help but get lost in the lyrics and her gorgeous vocals.

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"High Horse"

This song from Golden Hour features classic Musgraves lyrics with a retro spin. Honestly, we never thought country and disco could work together, but here we are. We dare you not to tap your foot or shimmy your shoulders along to the beat.