11 Megan Thee Stallion Songs to Help You Get in Your Bag This Summer

Megan Thee Stallion's rise to the top over the course of the last year has been a source of enjoyment for many, and if you still haven't gotten into her music, you're only doing yourself a disservice. The 24-year-old Houston rapper has a pretty captivating sound, and her raunchy, sex positive lyrics — which are more often than not about being a "hot girl," making money, and getting everything she wants — helped her skyrocket to fame. She's essentially become the model for women who know their worth, are confident with their bodies and their sexualities, and refuse to apologize for putting themselves first.

In addition to that, Megan Thee Stallion and her empowering lyrics are the driving force behind one of this season's most popular memes known as the "Hot Girl Summer," a term that many people are laughably tripping over their feet to try and understand. But let's face it: you're not actually having a Hot Girl Summer if you're not listening to Megan Thee Stallion! That being said, do yourself a favor and check out some of her best songs, and make sure you add them to your playlist before Summer is over.

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"Hot Girl"

First of all, if you're confused about what it even means to be a Hot Girl, you should probably start here. With lines like "If he ain't talking 'bout no money tell him 'bye, bye, bye'" and "Don't get mad h-e, get a bag h-e," the three-minute banger sees Megan stressing the importance of having a good time and getting money by any means necessary.

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"Realer" kicks off the rapper's most recent mixtape, Fever, and for good reason. The song is all about glowing up, doing what makes you happy, and being unapologetic about getting in your bag.

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"Cash Sh*t" feat. Da Baby

For the sake of your Summer activities, do yourself a favor and learn EVERY SINGLE WORD to this song. With an assist from rapper Da Baby, Megan uses "Cash Sh*t" to proudly spit some bars about her riches and how she uses men to get just about anything she wants from them.

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"Big Ole Freak"

"Big Ole Freak" was the 24-year-old's breakout hit, and it was her first song to make it to the Billboard Hot 100. As one could probably tell just by looking at the title, it's a raunchy bedroom bop that's not just about sex, but about being confident in your sexuality.

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"Sex Talk"

This one . . . needs no explanation. The bass-heavy banger sees Megan rapping in explicit detail about her sexual fantasies and taking control in the bedroom.

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"Hood Rat Sh*t"

This song's introductory sample of then 7-year-old Latarian Milton's iconic sound bite — "I just want to do hood rat stuff with my friends" — will pretty much tell you all you need to know about the track. The twerk anthem is not only a high-energy celebration of ratchet behavior, but also an ode to Megan's life before the money and fame.

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"Freak Nasty"

In my opinion, "Freak Nasty" walked so songs like "Big Ole Freak" and "Sex Talk" could run. Megan uses the song, which is featured on her 2018 mixtape Tina Snow, to detail her sexual activities. Needless to say, it's NSFW.

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"Simon Says" feat. Juicy J

Simon says, play this track when you're trying to hype yourself up ahead of your Hot Girl shenanigans! With a verse from Juicy J, it's literally the perfect song to listen to when you just want to dance.

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"Tina Montana"

Tina Montana is one of Megan's many monikers and she introduces the persona in this titular song. On the track, the rapper brings up everything from her start at the bottom to a casual threat about snatching off your wig "like you Hannah Montana."

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"Shake That"

This song is a club anthem if I've ever heard one, as evidenced by one of the first lines in its introduction that says, "Come in the club and get it clapping and shit, b*tch." If, and when, you ever happen to hear this song playing, your job is to do exactly what the title tells you to do and nothing else.

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"Cocky AF"

On this track from 2018's Tina Snow, the rapper spits rapid fire about her cocky attitude.