If You Need Us, We'll Be Here Watching This Endless Mashup of Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy"

If you're one of the millions who can't get enough of Billie Eilish, luckily, the singer has teamed up with YouTube to create "Infinite Bad Guy" — the world's first never-ending music video — so you can enjoy her hit single forever. Literally. Ranging from classic acoustic versions to bizarre ASMR, 15,000 fan covers of Eilish's "Bad Guy" were combined and looped together using machine learning, thanks to the work of YouTube and Google Creative Lab.

Every play of the video is unique, which means viewers can choose whichever variation of the song they like or they can leave it as is on autoplay. According to YouTube, watching every single combination of the clips would take longer than the lifespan of the universe at 1.46 x 10^100 years. Check out billie.withyoutube.com to experience "Infinite Bad Guy" for yourself.