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Watch TikTok Skit on Saturday Night Live With Billie Eilish

SNL's TikTok Skit With Billie Eilish Needs to Be a Recurring Segment

As if I don't already spend way too much time scrolling through TikTok, Saturday Night Live recently re-created exactly what it looks like to swipe aimlessly on the app, with a particularly hilarious parody scene featuring Billie Eilish, the show's musical guest and host on Dec. 11.

The skit is made up of all the different kinds of videos that probably populate your For You page, from funny cats and thirst traps to vaccine conspiracy theories and those dreaded screen-time prompts, with cameos from the SNL cast, Eilish, and even Finneas. In one video, Eilish pokes fun at NurseTok as a nurse "bussin' down" in the oncology ward, doing the infamous "Savage" choreography while a patient looks to be suffering in the background.

The execution of this entire segment was just *chef's kiss* — even showing the reality of receiving annoying texts and calls from your parents as you scroll through TikTok — and we'd like to petition for it to become a staple on SNL. See for yourself in the comedic skit above.

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