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Blackpink's Quotes on Filming Netflix Documentary

Blackpink's Jennie Says Filming Netflix Doc Made Their Bond Even Stronger: "We Are Like Family"

BlackPink- LIGHT UP THE SKY (L to R) LISA, JISOO, ROSÉ and JENNIE from BlackPink- LIGHT UP THE SKY. Courtesy of NETFLIX/Netflix © 2020

Blackpink is having a record-breaking year with numerous accolades and firsts, but throughout their biggest accomplishments, their sisterly bond has only grown stronger. Ahead of the release of their upcoming Netflix documentary, BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky on Oct. 14, members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa sat down with director Caroline Suh on Tuesday to discuss what fans can look forward to in the film, as well as their special relationships with each other.

"I think we realized just how much we mean to each other."

While Blackpink teased never-before-seen moments from their concerts and trainee days — like the time they first listened to their collaboration with Lady Gaga, "Sour Candy" — the members highlighted how filming the documentary deepened their friendships with each other. "We wanted to show the more honest, genuine sides of our ourselves, so through having heart-to-hearts and very genuine and honest conversations, we were able to get to know each other even deeper," Jisoo said. "And I think we realized just how much we mean to each other."

"Of course we are like family," Jennie also said, emphasizing that even while working, the group feels that "special bond" because they trained as teenagers and have grown up together since. She explained that though the girls all grew up in different environments and cultures — Jennie and Jisoo were born in Korea, while Lisa is from Thailand and Rosé from New Zealand — when they were trainees early on, they found that their goals, as well as the type of music they wanted to create, were completely aligned.

"We can just look one another in the eye and know immediately what we need to do for them and what we need to do for the team," she said. "Because we have this really special and strong teamwork, I think a lot of the fans are able to experience that positive energy. . . I hope we're able to give some positive impact to fans."

"In 10 years, hopefully we will still be Blackpink, the way we always have been."

Though the girls have certainly come a long way since they debuted in 2016, Blackpink are continuing to challenge themselves with new goals to give back to their fans. "Because music has now become very extended form of art, we want to be able to provide the best of that to all of our fans," Jisoo said. "In 10 years, hopefully we will still be Blackpink, the way we always have been, but also I can imagine ourselves talking about what other new things to do together."

Image Source: Netflix
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