Here's What Brian Williams Said About His Daughter's Controversial Sex Scene on Girls

If you were even slightly uncomfortable watching this week's premiere of Girls, imagine how Brian Williams must have felt about his daughter's, ahem, interesting sex scene. He spoke with Vulture about Marnie's controversial scene: "She's always been an actress. For us, watching her is the family occupation and everybody has to remember it's acting, no animals were harmed during the filming, and ideally nobody gets hurt." Allison Williams also divulged that she didn't hold back from asking her parents about how the technicalities of pulling it off:

"I was like, 'Any advice? What do you guys think in terms of what adhesive I should use?' I got some advice from my parents, because they too are veterans of the show, so their thinking has changed as well. I'd get a call from my mom and she'd be like, 'Maybe if you took a thong and cut it away from the sides but you stuck it on in the front and the back it could work.' I was like, 'Mom, I like your thinking.' Just your regular dinner conversation! We're changing as a family; it's lovely."