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BTS J-Hope and Becky G Chicken Noodle Soup Music Video

J-Hope and Becky G's New Track Reps Korean, Latinx, and African American Culture

BTS's J-Hope and California-native Becky G released a banging sample of Webstar and Young B's 2006's hit track "Chicken Noodle Soup." The new collaboration comes months after Becky G teased fans on iHeartRadio with a potential collaboration this past June. She mentioned that she and J-Hope "might have a little something-something. . ." She continued that "hopefully, when things line up timewise, we will make this happen." And it more than happened: it's got us out of our seats and trying to re-create those incredible dance moves.

The new music video takes tons of references from the original 2006 song, including the setting, costume, and choreography, which was an ode to African American culture in Harlem, New York. J-Hope and Becky G's take is a truly diverse remix on the hip-hop classic with Korean, Spanish, and English lyrics. What's even more impressive is the incredible choreography. We all know that J-Hope is the best dancer in BTS (don't @ us, Jimin fans), so we love seeing him give major love to African American dance culture with a day-to-night street dance battle. It's so epic that you're going to want to copy some of these moves yourself. Have a look at Becky G and J-Hope's fun dance song and music video above — and check out the car hydraulics in the background.

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