Camila Cabello's Hilarious Music Video For "Liar" Is Basically Our Worst Nightmare

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On Thursday Morning, Camila Cabello dropped her second new music video in a week — this time for new song "Liar" — and we have a lot of feelings. The video is giving us serious Groundhog Day vibes for starters, with Cabello hilariously reliving the same nightmare over and over (and over) again. It starts with Cabello sitting down for lunch with her fiancé, who is an insufferable billionaire that clearly sees her as a trophy and is exceptionally rude to their waiter — one of the most universally hated personality traits of all time.

After the initial scene plays out, the song kicks off just as Cabello starts literally choking on a lie; and so begins a series of out-there scenarios that sees Cabello repeatedly die, then wake up in bed with her awful fiancé. The video is a mixture of sugary imagery and out there death scenes, but don't you worry, there's a happy ending before the video finishes. Last week, Cabello dropped "Liar" within a day of releasing "Shameless," both songs from her new album, Romance, and you can catch the full video above.