This Is Where Hollywood's Funniest Women Unite on Netflix

It's official, the days of aimless scrolling on Netflix are over. If you're obsessed with laughing until you cry or sharing your passion for rescue pups, political ridiculousness, and a good drink, we've got the show for you. Chelsea Handler's hilariously relatable talk show is back for round two, and she's bringing the heat (and the laughs) with some of our favorite funny ladies in Hollywood. Keep scrolling to see the unique ways these women are making us LOL harder than ever.

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They own up to embarrassing moments

Sure, your college years may not be your proudest, but there's no shame in having a little fun. Whether you were hooking up, breaking up, or throwing up (in your future in-law's yard), it's NBD.

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They dig up those texts you regret sending

Ever looked back at your old texts and cringed? If not, we suggest you try it right now. If you're anything like Chelsea, it may provide a day's worth of entertainment.

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They inspire us to man the f*ck up

If you've got opinions, share 'em. As this iconic female comedian says, you just might earn yourself a new badass reputation because of it.

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They're a little extra sometimes, but they own it

Yup, celebs love feeling fab just as much as you'd think. If we kicked off every day with our own hair and makeup team, we'd feel the same way.

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They're role model goals

There's no such thing as an overnight success. So always remember to celebrate yourself and enjoy the ride — especially when private jets and helicopters are involved.

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Catch up with Chelsea every Friday on Netflix. Check out this sneak peek of the new episode above.