The Cobbler Trailer: Adam Sandler Is Literally Walking in Other People's Shoes

Adam Sandler is taking on the wide world of shoe repair with his new comedy, The Cobbler. Like in 2006's Click, Sandler plays a regular Joe whose life changes when he encounters some inexplicable magic. This time, he's a shoe cobbler who discovers that when he puts on his clients' shoes, he turns into them. Obviously he's still the same guy on the inside, but on the outside, he looks like whoever the shoes belong to. There are things I like about this, like Dustin Hoffman as Sandler's father, and things I don't, like Dustin Hoffman playing Adam Sandler playing his own father to have dinner with his mother. Did you follow that? Steve Buscemi, Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey), Ellen Barkin, and Method Man all costar. The Cobbler doesn't yet have a release date, but you can watch the trailer below.

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