What Is the Cast of Deaf U Up to Now? Here's the Scoop

If you haven't already binged Netflix's newest reality show, Deaf U, then you should probably get on it. Created by America's Next Top Model alum Nyle DiMarco (who was the show's first deaf contestant), the series revolves around a group of students at Gallaudet University in Washington DC, a private college for the deaf and hard of hearing, following their friendships, relationships, and all the drama that comes with them. We're not sure yet whether Deaf U will get a second season, but here's what we do know about what your fave Gallaudet students have been up to since production on season one wrapped.

Cheyenne Clearbrook

After deciding to leave Gallaudet University at the end of Deaf U season one, social media influencer Cheyenne Clearbrook enrolled at Washington State University, where she's expected to graduate in December 2020 with a degree in humanities, according to her October 2020 interview with The Seattle Times. She's also concentrating on her career as a YouTuber and frequently posts vlogs about fashion, beauty, travel, and deaf awareness to her channel.

Rodney Burford Jr.
Everett Collection

Rodney Burford Jr.

Footballer Rodney Burford Jr. sadly does not have a public IG account, though the Brooklyn native is likely finishing up his senior year at Gallaudet, where he's majoring in psychology, according to the 2019-2020 football roster.

Tessa Lewis

Volleyball star Tessa Lewis graduated from Gallaudet with a degree in social work in spring 2019, according to a May 2019 IG post, though it's not clear what the Florida native is up to now.

Alexa Paulay-Simmons

Free-spirited Alexa Paulay-Simmons graduated from Gallaudet in spring 2020, and according to her Facebook page, she is currently working as a server and bartender assistant at Eat Mozzeria, a Deaf-owned-and-operated pizza shop that recently opened a new location in DC. It seems as though she's still with her boyfriend and fellow Gallaudet grad, Braxton Baker, as he last appeared on her IG grid in August 2020.

Renate Rose

According to an August 2020 IG post, social activist Renate Rose graduated from Gallaudet in spring 2020 with a degree in government and international studies and is currently enrolled at Eastern Illinois University for graduate school, where she's pursuing a degree in mass communication. The Kansas native still seems very loved-up with her partner, fellow Gallaudet grad Tayla Newman, who last appeared on Rose's IG in August 2020.

Daequan Taylor

Footballer Daequan Taylor graduated from Gallaudet with a degree in health and physical education in spring 2019, according to his LinkedIn profile, though it's unclear what the Virginia native is up to now, as he's not superactive on social media.

Cameron Jeon Symansky

Midwesterner Cameron Jeon Symansky is set to graduate from Gallaudet in 2021 with a degree in American Sign Language, according to his LinkedIn profile. However, rather than living on campus, it seems as though the Kansas native is teaching classes as Kansas School for the Deaf, which he attended himself, according to a September 2020 IG post.