There's a War Raging on Twitter Right Now Over Dear White People

While a large portion of critics and audiences are praising Dear White People as a work of genius (it currently has 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes), some Twitter users are not as pleased. Season one of the show, a continuation of the 2014 film of the same name, has been up on Netflix since April 28. Starring Logan Browning, the series takes place on the fictional Winchester University's campus and tackles a number of social and political issues. Here's a quick rundown of the Twitter controversy that's been kicked up recently.

The Original Tweets

The controversy started when several Twitter users started calling out Netflix for streaming a show called Dear White People, claiming there was a racist double standard.

The Turning Point

Reginald McGee responded to a tweet on his timeline that was sarcastically suggesting "Dear Black People." McGee told BuzzFeed News that he "was trying to help them understand how the history of this country shaped racism to only go one way and that the 'double standard' lacks historical context."

And the Tweets Rolled In

People hopped on the train and started creating their own taglines.