Jake Gyllenhaal Will Break Your Heart as a Grieving Widower in This Trailer

We are of the opinion that Jake Gyllenhaal in any sort of romantic role is a good thing, even in this trailer, where the circumstances couldn't be sadder. In Demolition, the romantic role is as a husband, albeit a grieving one, because he's just lost his wife in an accident. Gyllenhaal is playing Davis Mitchell, a man who has to reevaluate his life in the wake of the death of his wife, examining the good and the bad about their partnership. That includes his relationship with his father-in-law and boss, played by Chris Cooper. Naomi Watts also costars, and though she's only briefly in the trailer, she plays the recipient of a set of letters Davis sends after his wife's death, detailing his grief. Jean-Marc Vallée, who directed Wild, is at the helm of the film, which will show at TIFF but won't get a wide release until April 8, 2016.

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