Dylan O'Brien Has a Crush on Jennifer Lawrence, Too

Resident Teen Wolf heartthrob Dylan O'Brien is heading to the big screen with The Maze Runner, a film adaptation of James Dashner's popular YA novel. O'Brien plays Thomas, a teen who wakes up to find that he's been transported to a community of boys he's never met before who live in the center of a large maze. In a fight to survive, he becomes a "runner," someone whose job is to attempt to find a way out of the maze. Last year, I was invited to visit the set of the movie with a few other journalists to chat with the stars in melting-hot Baton Rouge, LA. O'Brien was busy filming a scene in the maze, but we did get the opportunity to talk with the actor about his rule-breaking ways, the best cook in the cast, and his famous crushes. Check out the interview before the movie is released on Friday, and warning: spoilers follow!

20th Century Studios

Out of all the jobs in the book, runner included, what would you be chosen for in real life?
Dylan O'Brien: A runner, for sure. I don't think I'd be good at anything else except for sprinting. I'm too squeamish to be a slopper [a kind of farmer], I couldn't handle the animals, I couldn't chop a chicken's head off every day. I couldn't work the fields; I probably wouldn't be very good at building stuff. I'm good at running, so it works. Perfect.

We heard you guys have been cooking each other dinner; who is the best cook and who is the worst?
DO: There is no best and worst; no one is a bad cook. OK, Dexter [Darden, the actor who plays the character Frypan] is the best.

Thomas is a well-intentioned rule-breaker; can you relate to that?
DO: I've always been the same way. I have different ways of thinking, and I'm not shy about them. Sometimes that can strike people in a certain way, but I've always been that way, and that's something that's really primal in Thomas as well. That's why I understand him.

Who are you crushing on now?
DO: Emma Stone is awesome. Jennifer Lawrence, she's the coolest.

Did you see yourself in this role?
DO: It's funny because I actually didn't at first. I didn't think I was right for it, mainly because I didn't get called back for a month and a half, so I must have not been right for it. Now that we're shooting it and I've been in this role for a while, I can't believe I wasn't going crazy over not getting a callback. It's a role that I've always wanted to play.

What's the atmosphere been like on set?
DO: It's really goofy, really fun. We've been bonding like crazy, which is really cool because that doesn't happen a lot. I like to be goofy, and what's cool is that everyone has a goofy side and a serious side, so when it comes down to it and we're rolling, everyone is in it and especially committed to what we're doing. The movie, the story — we want to make it awesome, but also, we like having a good time.