Holy Mother of Dragons! Emilia Clarke's Game of Thrones Tattoo Is So Sweet

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Emilia Clarke has made her Game of Thrones memories permanent in a very special way. Back in May, Clarke confirmed on Live With Kelly and Ryan that she planned to get a dragon tattoo on her wrist like a true badass Mother of Dragons, and now her dreams are a reality! The 31-year-old actress shared a photo of her new ink on Sept. 19: a small cluster of three dragons on her right wrist. "This mamma ain't NEVER forgetting her babies," Clarke wrote in the photo's caption.

Clarke has been a key part of the Game of Thrones storyline since season one and concluded her time as the inimitable Daenerys Targaryen this Summer. We can't wait to see what season eight holds for the Protector of the Seven Kingdoms and what the future holds for Emilia. Watch the video above to see how she described her tattoo before she took the permanent plunge, and take a peek at the photo she shared below.