The Fantastic Mr. Foxcatcher Is a Shockingly Good Mashup

Foxcatcher is one of the year's darkest, buzziest dramas, and a new mashup proves that even setting the dialogue to animated animals doesn't make it less creepy. A new fake trailer combines the sound from Foxcatcher's real trailer and footage from Wes Anderson's 2009 film, Fantastic Mr. Fox. The result is actually really impressive! It tells the tale of Mr. Badger (Steve Carell), a wealthy man who wants to take Mr. Fox (Channing Tatum) under his wing and lead him to Whack-Bat victory. Things take a turn when Mr. Fox slaps Mr. Badger in the face and Mr. Badger proclaims him an "ungrateful ape." This is seriously the best fox-related fake trailer you'll see all week.

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