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Female Musical Artists to Watch in 2020

15 Rising Female Artists Who Are About to Be All Up in Your 2020 Playlists

Female Musical Artists to Watch in 2020
Image Source: Getty / Jason Mendez

Approximately 40,000 songs are uploaded to Spotify's platform daily. That means nearly 280,000 tracks weekly, and 1.1 million monthly on Spotify alone. With all this new music constantly being released, it's more than likely that some songs have flown under your radar. To help you navigate the massive world of the music industry, we rounded up 15 of our favorite up-and-coming female producers, singers, and songwriters to revamp your playlists. Our suggestions range from emerging indie-pop acts like Cray and R&B gems like Alina Baraz to hype-queens like Rico Nasty. Get ready to turn up the volume!

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