If You're Still Missing Scandal, Anna Paquin's New Drama Should Be Right Up Your Alley

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Olivia Pope's reign as Washington DC's greatest fixer ended with Scandal's series finale in April, but now we have a savvy new character ready to step into her high heels: Anna Paquin's Robyn, who's at the center of POP TV's addicting new show Flack.

In the first trailer for the six-episode series, above, we get a glimpse of what goes into Robyn's day-to-day life as a cutthroat American publicist living in London. Although she'll do anything to keep her ill-behaved clients in the clear thanks to her role as a firm's crisis strategist, her own personal life is a total mess. Tony Award winner Sophie Okonedo costars, as well as Lydia Wilson, Rebecca Benson, and multi-Emmy-award winner Bradley Whitford. You can't afford not to check it out, right?

Watch the trailer before the show premieres on Feb. 21.