American Idol: Francisco Martin Rolled the Dice With a "Teenage Dream" Performance, but It Paid Off

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American Idol has officially kicked off the at-home episodes of the season, and singer Francisco Martin took the screen with a big gamble. The 20-year-old guitar strummer sang Katy Perry's dreamy 2010 hit "Teenage Dream," which the judge accurately described as "a dice roll." It's already risky to pick a well-known song, but to do so when the singer herself is judging your performance? Audacious. Luckily, it paid off for Martin, as Perry was happy to compliment his performance while streaming from her living room and dressed like a giant bottle of hand sanitizer.

Yes, you read that right, Perry was all dressed up as hand sanitizer, serving as American Idol's personal PSA for cleanliness during the coronavirus pandemic. The singer showed off her costume on her Instagram account, with a video of herself reminding everyone to "stay safe, wash your hands, and tune into an all-new, like never before episode of American Idol." Gotta love that innovation!

Respectfully, she didn't draw too much attention to her costume during the show, offering the contestants her usual brand of heartfelt critique. And though Perry admitted that she didn't love Martin's rendition of "Teenage Dream," she still "thought it really works" and that he "did it real justice." Not too harsh for a bottle of alcohol-based liquid, right?