A Second Cats Trailer Is Here, and It's Very Understandably Causing Quite the Reaction

Well, the second Cats trailer is here! The new adaptation of the famous Broadway musical is going to be a wild ride, based on the four minutes of footage released by Universal Pictures in the first two trailers. The movie, in theaters on Dec. 20, features Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, Jason Derulo, Taylor Swift, Ian McKellen, Idris Elba, and more, and yes, you get to see them all as cats.

As soon as the first trailer dropped on Twitter in July, people's reactions were all over the place, which is entirely understandable. The CGI! The dancing! Taylor Swift's blinged-out "catnip" cocktail shaker! It's quite a lot to take in. So, when the second trailer whipped Twitter into a frenzy yet again on Tuesday, we were once again left cackling. Read on for funny tweets that sum up how you probably feel about the trailers, and watch them again if you dare.

Funny Tweets About the Latest Cats Trailer

Funny Tweets About the First Cats Trailer

Watch the First Cats Trailer Again