Game of Thrones: This Theory About Varys Being a Merman Is Shockingly Believable

If one of the most shocking parts of the Game of Thrones finale to you was the moment you realized how quickly Varys got from Meereen to Dorne, then you need to hear this theory. It basically states that Varys is a male mermaid, aka a merman, a creature that does exist in the Song of Ice and Fire universe and is known as a "merling." If you're thinking this sounds insane, I agree — but this video by Nerdist has convinced me. It pieces together all the evidence that points to Varys being a merling, and you're going to have to watch it:

click to play video

Here's some of the more convincing support:

  • Varys disappears and reappears all the time, perhaps because he's swimming through the city's underground waterways?
  • He wears long robes . . . to cover his weird tail?!
  • He allegedly licks his lips one time when people are talking about cannibalism.
  • When Tyrion threatens to throw Varys in the sea, he replies, "You might be disappointed in the result." Because he would just swim away?
  • He may be helping Dany so that her dragons can fight the White Walkers and their firebreath will melt all the ice, raising sea levels and creating more room for merlings to flourish.

Admit it: you're kind of on board now, aren't you?