This Massive Gingerbread Hogwarts Castle Is So Detailed, It Must've Been Made With Magic

If you're looking for a way to get into the Harry Potter holiday spirit this year, I suggest taking a peek at this unbelievable gingerbread Hogwarts Castle from Duchess Bake Shop. The Canadian bakery tapped the talents of Kelsey Johnson and her husband Garner Beggs to create this entirely edible masterpiece. That's right, every single piece can be eaten, including the green mossy grounds. You won't find a treat like this on your everyday trolley.

This gingerbread creation is so impressive, you might assume it'd be kept in a museum so fans could admire it forever. Instead, the bakery is asking visitors to donate a pair of socks to the Bissell Centre before Dec. 31 for a chance to destroy the whole thing. The Bissell Centre is a non-profit that aims to eliminate poverty in the community.

Sure, it'll be heartbreaking to see the castle break back down into candy pieces, but it's for a good cause. And let's not forget that no matter the medium, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home. Ahead, see videos and photos of the magical castle-making process — no wands necessary.