Fans Are Losing It After Harry Styles Jumped on Stage With Lizzo to Perform "Juice"

Harry Styles surprised fans last night when he jumped on stage at a Lizzo concert in Miami to perform "Juice," and honestly, we need a few minutes to recover from this one. Lizzo fans were just minding their own business, singing and dancing along to her banger-filled set list, when suddenly, Styles popped onto the stage, causing everyone to immediately — and justifiably — lose their minds.

We've been campaigning for this collaboration since Styles casually covered "Juice" during a performance at the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge in December 2019, and, yeah, it didn't disappoint. As the song wrapped up, Lizzo yelled, "Make some noise for Harry f*cking Styles," and the streamer cannons started going off. Our hearts promptly exploded. Thankfully, the audience had their phones at the ready, and Twitter immediately blew up with videos of the performance, causing everyone watching at home — who missed out on the onstage brilliance — to weep (or was that just us?).

So, what's next? Well, now that we've finally found out what a "Juice" duet between Styles and Lizzo sounds like, we need a studio version ASAP. Watch the full performance ahead, then keep reading to see how everyone on Twitter reacted to (yeah, we're going there) the best collaboration of 2020.

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Lizzo and Harry Styles Performing "Juice" in Miami

Reactions to Lizzo and Harry Styles Performing "Juice" in Miami