Michael B. Jordan's Black Superman Series Just Got an Exciting New Update

HBO Max's Val Zod series is coming together. In July, it was announced that Michael B. Jordan and his Outlier Society production company were developing a limited series about the Black Superman, and now they've finally found the show's writers. According to Deadline, Darnell Metayer and Josh Peters have been tapped to write the script.

The show will center on its title character Val Zod, who is the second DC character to take up the mantle of Superman. In the comics, Val is a Black Kryptonian who, like Superman, stumbles to Earth and uses his powers to fight evil. Details about the cast are still scarce, but it's rumored that Jordan will produce and likely star in the exciting project.

Jordan has been involved in discussions about developing a Black Superman for quite a few years now. In 2019, the actor pitched a Superman reboot to Warner Bros., and most recently, he shot down rumors that he would be starring in Nehisi Coates's project with JJ Abrams. "You hear the whispers and the rumors and stuff like that and it's just a compliment," Jordan said. "I appreciate people that think about me in that type of way for these roles. I don't really have anything more to kind of give on that, other than it's just flattering and I appreciate it."