Helen Mirren Might Just Be the Most Relatable Actor at the 2021 SAG Awards

Helen Mirren is already one of the most talented actors out there, but the 2021 SAG Awards proved she's also one of the most relatable. As part of Sunday night's ceremony, the categories were intercut with fun moments from different SAG-AFTRA members instead of a host attempting jokes that don't exactly land in a world where everything is on Zoom. This is truly where Mirren shined as she shared everything from her favorite show to binge and what she's been doing in quarantine to reminiscing about an old headshot.

Despite being one award away from an EGOT — she's currently missing a Grammy — it's clear Mirren doesn't take herself seriously from her answers. Ahead you can see five of Helen Mirren's most relatable moments from the 2021 SAG Awards.


When She Fully Appreciated the Genius of PEN15

If there was ever a question over whether or not Helen Mirren has taste, just show this clip. PEN15 is a masterpiece and it's nice to know I like the same things as an Oscar winner.


When She Got Ridiculously Excited Over Seeing a Bear

Helen Mirren's excitement over seeing a bear is pretty much me whenever I see a cow. Then again, I feel like it's a lot harder to chase a bear off your property than it is a cow.


When She Uncovered the Problem With Horse Riding

Apparently, riding a horse is not like riding a bike. But Helen Mirren is right when she says that getting them to stop and start are the hardest parts. They truly have a mind of their own.


When Her Headshot Was a Terribly GREAT Idea

If you look back at any of your school pictures, you'll likely feel the same. But hey, fashion always comes back around.


When She Imagined Her Awards Were in a Relationship

Who hasn't pretended inanimate objects were in love? Last week, my couch was in a torrid affair with the end table. Then again, I might just be me spending too much time inside.