How Will Ramsay Die? Predicting the Villain's Inevitable End on Game of Thrones

There is one character above all that we want to see killed in a gloriously vicious way on Game of Thrones: Ramsay Snow (that's right, I called him Snow because I refuse to accept his status as a Bolton after what he did to that baby). For those of you who aren't familiar with Ramsay, he is one of many main characters on Game of Thrones, but not a nice one. He starts as Ramsay Snow, "Snow" being the name assigned to bastards in this world, but is later given the name of Bolton by his father. He is played by the outstanding Iwan Rheon, who is probably really cool and in no way similar to the character he portrays on the show. Knowing what horrible things Ramsay does in the show, how will the writers eventually kill that bastard in a way that could possibly feel adequate?

To consider that question, let's first look at some of the top ways he has killed or tortured others throughout the course of the show.

  1. He routinely hunts women. Ramsay is known to enjoy hunting women with his hounds, and early on in the show, we saw him doing just that.
  2. He tortures Theon Greyjoy. After toying with Theon, who admittedly may have deserved it after he turns against the Starks and kills two little boys, Ramsay cuts the skin off Theon's fingers and toes, plus some other (ahem) parts. He makes Theon his pet, his "Reek," and it's even enough to make us like Theon again, or at least want him to succeed long enough to help the good guys win.
  3. He stabs his own father. When he learns Roose has had a son with Walda, he stabs his father and takes over as Lord of Winterfell.
  4. He kills Walda Bolton and her baby. He watched the dogs tear into Walda and her baby (who was also Ramsay's brother) so that he could ensure there was no questioning him as Lord of Winterfell. This was perhaps the worst as far as parents are concerned.
  5. He murders Osha. He stabbed Osha in the throat when she was pretending to want to seduce him but meant to kill him.

Now that we've relived all those horrors, let's get back to the ways we could to see Ramsay die, because that's what is really exciting.

  1. Sansa's revenge. The show loves to make us suspect something is going to happen, for good or bad, only to yank it away at the last second. What if Ramsay is about to commit another atrocity, say he has captured Sansa again and he's about to kill her, when she pulls out a surprise dagger, cuts off his manhood, and then slits his throat.
  2. Jon Snow as savior. We could see a similar situation where everything's going wrong until Jon appears (like the hero he is) and saves the day. Perhaps he knocks Ramsay to the ground and Ghost (because the direwolves need more action) tears out his throat. Now that the pictures from episode 9 are out, this is looking more likely.
  3. The White Walkers. Consider Ramsay's arrogance, his close proximity to the Wall, and Bran's potential to allow the White Walkers to come south. The battle between the Starks and Ramsay could go horribly wrong until, at the right moment, the snows come in strong and we see the White Walkers. Well, Ramsay doesn't see them while the others run, and when he turns, it's too late. This would certainly be awesome but still a bit less exciting than Sansa bloodying her hands.
  4. A return of Theon. In many ways the only living person with as much of a right to vengeance as Sansa is Theon Greyjoy (some men might say more). However, Theon and his sister have run off to join Daenerys. Unless they turn back for some reason or hurry back with the dragon queen, this is unlikely. If it were to happen, Theon could revert to Reek momentarily and then burst out and kill Ramsay with his own butter knife when we least suspect it — or maybe jam one of those humongous sausages down his throat until he chokes on it.
  5. The dragon queen's arrival. The moment Stannis Baratheon rides upon Mance Rayder's camp is pretty amazing, and a moment like that with Ramsay getting owned by Daenerys and her Dothraki would be well worth watching. Imagine that punk getting his head bitten off by her dragon, Drogon. So good.
  6. The baby lives. What we'd really love is to see the Lord of Light bring Roose and Walda's baby back from the dead and then eat Ramsay in a way that reminds us of Chucky. Too soon for that? Yes, and it's the wrong genre but still would be awesome.

The Winner

It seems clear that the best option here is Sansa's revenge, but the show could come out with some equally amazing and way more unexpected way to kill off Ramsay. It would be a hard feat, as many of us will feel let down if she doesn't get to kill him. How would you like to see Ramsay's character killed?