What's the Song in the New Trailer For The Fault in Our Stars?

Music can make or break a trailer, and every so often, we like to call out our favorite tunes from recent trailers. After hearing the song in the new The Fault in Our Stars trailer, we figured you might enjoy it as much as we did. Before you go stir-crazy trying to figure out what that track is playing on that trailer you watched a couple of weeks ago, take a look, because we may have already ID'd it for you. We also saved you the trouble of making a Spotify playlist — it's at the end. Source: 20th Century Fox

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If I Stay

What's that song? "Say Something (I'm Giving Up on You)" by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera

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Gone Girl

What's that song? "She" by Richard Butler

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22 Jump Street

What's that song? "Welcome to My Hood" by DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Plies, Lil Wayne, and T-Pain

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Wish I Was Here

What's that song? "Simple Song" by The Shins

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What's that song? "Let's Go" by Trick Daddy featuring Big D and Twista

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Sex Tape

What's that song? "Pony" by Ginuwine

What's that other song? "Time to Dance" by The Shoes

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Obvious Child

What's that song? "The Obvious Child" by Paul Simon

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What's that song? "Homenaje Al Beny" by Gente de Zona

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What's that song? "Once Upon a Dream" by Lana Del Rey

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Edge of Tomorrow

What's that song? "This Is Not the End" by Fieldwork

What's that other song? "Becoming Harmonious" by The Glitch Mob featuring Metal Mother

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Planes: Fire & Rescue

What's that song? "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC

What's that other song? "Burning Love" by Elvis Presley

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What's that song? "Take Me Out" by Golden State

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Decoding Annie Parker

What's that song? "I Can Feel You" by Nick Murray featuring Tyler Gurwicz, Dominik Schwarzer, and Jenny Bae

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What's that song? "Outro" by M83

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Brick Mansions

What's that song? "Stand By Me" by Ki:Theory

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The Fault in Our Stars

What's that song? "What You Wanted" by OneRepublic

Note: Not all songs are available on Spotify at this time.