Yep, Maddie Ziegler Has a Small Role in P.S. I Still Love You — Here Are the Deets

P.S. I Still Love You reunites much of the cast of To All The Boys I've Loved Before, plus adds a few new faces. The most important new addition to the franchise is, of course, Jordan Fisher as John Ambrose, but there's a surprising actor in the second installment of the series we need to point out: Dance Moms alumna and Sia favorite Maddie Ziegler.

Ziegler pops up in a lunchroom scene, telling Lara Jean to expect some Valentine's Day extravagance from boyfriend Peter Kavinsky. "Get ready, Lara Jean. Last year, Peter sent [a singing valentine] to Gen every period," she confides. Although the actress and dancer doesn't have a big part, it's a fun surprise for longtime fans to see her play a cheerleader in P.S. I Still Love You.

While her part in the Netflix favorite is more of a cameo, this is just the beginning for Ziegler's movie appearances this year. In the upcoming Steven Spielberg remake of West Side Story, starring Ansel Elgort and Rachel Zegler, she plays Velma, the girlfriend of one of the members of the Jets; in the 1961 film, Velma is the girlfriend of Ice, a minor character, but in the original 1957 Broadway production, she's dating Riff, the leader of the Jets and Tony's best friend.

Of course, Ziegler's best known "role" is actually as herself. From 2011 (when she was just 8 years old) to 2016, she was a cast member on Lifetime's reality series Dance Moms as one of the young dancers in the Abby Lee Dance Company (her younger sister Mackenzie was also a cast member). The exposure from the series helped her connect with some major names in the entertainment industry. She appeared in the music videos for Sia's "Chandelier" and "Electric Heart" and even toured with the singer for a couple of years.

Aside from her dancing career, Ziegler has dipped her toes in the acting waters before. As a teenager, she had guest spots on shows including Austin and Ally, Pretty Little Liars, and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn. She voiced Camille in the 2017 animated film Leap! and played Christina, a teenager who was abused, in the 2017 film The Book of Henry. Judging by the variety of projects on her resume, it seems safe to say that Ziegler is working towards a career as a true modern multihyphenate!