"American Pie" Stars Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott Reunite in DoorDash Ad

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Jim and Stifler are back together again! Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott had an "American Pie" reunion for DoorDash's new campaign, "Summer of DashPass," which consists of five weeks of deals starting on June 15 for DashPass members. In the 45-second clip, 45-year-old Biggs opens the door to receive his package from the DoorDash delivery man. "Ugh, this is going to be the best summer ever," he tells him.

It's then that Scott, 46, pops up and asks Biggs, "What did you just say? You better not be saying that this summer is going to better than the one we spent together, buddy. I mean, the parties, the pranks, the set stuff."

Confused, Biggs replies: "You lost me on that last one, but yeah, that was fun. Although, I didn't have Dashpass back then. I get five weeks of exclusive deals. I mean, this is incredible."

Biggs and Scott famously played friends in the American Pie franchise, which first premiered in 1999. Speaking to People about their reunion, Biggs told the publication, "Whenever we get back together, it is like we never missed a beat. So this campaign, it was just like we literally picked up right where we left off, basically after the last movie. Seann and I have that really incredible back and forth with each other."

Of working together, Biggs added, "We would take two or three months to film those movies in the spring and summertime and then they would come out the following summer. It was like summer camp for us, we would all get together and just have the best time of our lives."

Scott expressed similar sentiments, telling People, "I've been really fortunate to have some fun experiences throughout my career, but nothing compares to shooting those movies." He added: "I have so much love for everybody, really in all the projects that I've worked on, but I'm just very close to everybody in 'American Pie' and it just makes me really happy just to see them doing different things, especially with Natasha [Lyonne], and Jennifer [Coolidge], and Eugene [Levy], just seeing them all thrive. It's awesome."

Coolidge, who played Stifler's mom Jeanine in the comedy, revealed the unexpected benefits of being a part of the movie franchise in an interview with Variety last August. "I got a lot of play at being a MILF, and I got a lot of sexual action from 'American Pie,'" she said. "There were so many benefits to doing that movie. I mean, there would be like 200 people that I would never have slept with."

Nowadays, the cast's summers are looking a little different. Biggs told People that he and his wife, Jenny Mollen, will be traveling to Austria with their two sons, Sid, 9, and Lazlo, 5, this year. Meanwhile, Scott is hanging out in California with his wife, interior designer Olivia Korenberg.