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Jason Earles Makes Cheese Jerky on Christy's Kitchen Video

See Christy Carlson Romano and Jason Earles Make Hannah Montana's Cheese Jerky Recipe IRL

If your first order of business upon getting a Disney+ account was to rewatch every single episode of Hannah Montana, then prepare for a major Disney throwback. On the most recent episode of Christy's Kitchen on YouTube, Jason Earles (aka Jackson Rod Stewart) joined Christy Carlson Romano, the voice of Kim Possible, to reflect on his Hannah Montana days and cook up some of Jackson and Oliver's classic cheese jerky. Does anyone else remember their supercheesy rap?

Unlike the "gas station ingredients" used on set, Romano and Earles made a delicious-looking, homemade cheddar and gouda cheese sauce (yum). As they cooked, Earles showed off his handmade Jackson Stewart doll and even received his very own Silver "Booty" award. Mitchel Musso (aka Oliver Oken, aka "The Man Who Had the Jerky") couldn't make it for this episode, but I have no doubt that he'd totally approve of the new and improved cheese jerky recipe. Watch the full video here, and stay until the end to watch them perform the full "Cheese Jerky Rap."

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