Aw! Jennifer Aniston Reveals What Rachel and Ross's Relationship Status Would Be Today

Ross and Rachel from Friends are forever each other's lobsters, at least according to Jennifer Aniston. The actress recently sat down with Adam Sandler to speak to Natalie Morales about their new Netflix movie Murder Mystery, and while discussing romantic comedies and the actors' amazing onscreen chemistry, Morales couldn't help but ask Aniston about where her Friends character, Rachel Green, would be today. Oh, and would she still be in a relationship with Ross (David Schwimmer)?

"Yes, absolutely," she said about their relationship status. "Emma's grown up," Aniston added about the couple's daughter, who would be turning 18 next year. "She's vaping in high school and you're just looking the other way," Sandler joked. It's been almost 25 years since the series premiered, but as much as we miss our Central Perk crew, we're definitely at peace knowing Ross and Rachel would still be together.

Check out Aniston and Sandler's interview on Today, which we're calling The One Where Rachel and Ross Are Still Together, and gush over some of the couple's cutest Friends moments ahead.

Photos of Ross and Rachel on Friends
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Photos of Ross and Rachel on Friends

Jennifer Aniston Talking About Ross and Rachel on the Today Show