How Jennifer Aniston's Relationship With Her Late Mom Inspired Her Character in Dumplin'

For Netflix's Dumplin', Jennifer Aniston is stepping into a role unlike any we've seen from her before: Rosie, the pageant mom. Rosie is a former beauty queen, with a teenage daughter who's also jumping into the competitive arena. The 49-year-old actress revealed she brought this character to life by drawing on personal experiences. In an interview with Extra, Aniston opened up about how her strained relationship with her late mother, Nancy Dow, inspired this character.

"My mom and I always had sort of a push and pull relationship. She was a model and was raised during a time when her parental support wasn't very strong, if any, so she was doing the best that she could do to teach me what she was taught," Aniston explained. "I really connected to that in the movie. There was that relationship . . . I felt a lot of empathy toward Rosie . . . she was just doing the best she could."

In addition to this connection with Rosie, Aniston was also drawn to the role because of the film's inspirational message for young women. She and singer Dolly Parton heard the story and decided to give their own contributions to this touching project. "It just told such a beautiful story that we are in need of, I think right now, for young girls — in terms of loving themselves, in terms of supporting and nurturing female friendships and female empowerment," Aniston said. "It ticked a lot of the boxes, and I was able to work with all these incredible women."