Rose Byrne Is the Foul-Mouthed Virtual Assistant of Our Nightmares in the Trailer For Jexi

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Remember when 2013's Her made fans believe that an artificially intelligent virtual assistant and an introverted soul could fall in love? The Adam DeVine-led comedy film Jexi is definitely not like that.

The movie follows Phil (DeVine), a writer at a website with few friends and a serious addiction to his phone. When a new upgrade to the latest model features Jexi (voiced by Rose Byrne), a virtual assistant with a penchant for brutal honesty, his dependency takes on a new level. Jexi helps Phil get a life, which includes a real-life girlfriend, but things quickly take a Smart House-esque turn for the worst when Jexi decides she wants Phil all for herself.

You'll never be able to plug your phone into its charger again, but the trailer is still definitely worth a watch! Jexi drops in theaters on Oct. 11.