What to Know About Jimin's "Face" Album, Including the New Documentary and Vinyls

Jimin's solo era kicked off in full force in March with his debut album, "Face." The album produced two hit singles — "Set Me Free Pt. 2" and "Like Crazy," which hit No. 30 and No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 respectively — and a slate of music performances that were instantly unforgettable to fans.

Jimin kept much of his solo production process and plans close to his chest leading up to Feb. 21, when he first announced his official plans for "Face" in a Weverse statement, but he did give insight into what it was like recording an album on his own for the first time in a January 2022 interview with W Korea.

"So many things are different," he said. "Since I am working alone, it makes me think a lot, which makes outcomes slower. When I work with the members, we talk about lots of things and clear them quickly. I think the problem is doing it for the first time. Since I am working on an album like this for the first time, 'Can it be released like this?' I am having lots of thoughts like that, which makes me modify more and do it over."

Now, in the lead-up to his birthday on Oct. 13, Jimin is releasing a vinyl version of "Face" and gearing up to reveal even more about the behind-the-scenes process of producing the album in a new documentary. Ahead, read everything to know about Jimin's "Face" album.


Jimin's "Face" Production Diary

On Oct. 9, Jimin announced his plans for the release of his "Face" production diary.

Jimin's "Face" Production Diary Pre-Order

The documentary will be available for pre-order via the BTS Weverse Shop beginning on Oct. 13 at 9 p.m. EST.

Jimin's "Face" Production Diary Release Date

Jimin's "Production Diary" will release for on-demand viewing on Oct. 23 at 7 a.m. EST via Weverse.

Jimin's "Face" Production Diary Promotional Schedule

All release times are EST.

  • 10/10: Teaser & Poster (Production Version) @ 11 a.m.
  • 10/12: Keyword Interview @ 7 a.m.
  • 10/12: Main Trailer @ 11 a.m. EST
  • 10/13: Art Clip @ 11 a.m. EST; Emoji sketch & Pre-order Opens @ 9 p.m.
  • 10/15: The Truth Untold & Photo Pre-Release @ 7 a.m.
  • 10/17: Lyric Video & Poster (Diary Version) 11 a.m.
  • 10/18: Lyrics Interview 7 a.m.
  • 10/22: Poster (Record Version) & Jimin's Hashtag 9 p.m.
  • 10/23: Quiz Show Release @ 7 a.m.; Jimin's Weverse Live @ 9 a.m.
  • 10/26: Jimin's Commentary @ 7 a.m.

Jimin's "Face" Production Diary Trailer

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Jimin's "Face" Album Versions
Getty | The Chosunilbo JNS

Jimin's "Face" Album Versions

Big Hit revealed the details of Jimin's "Face" album physical CD release on the evening of Feb. 21. The "Face" physical album was initially available in two different versions, but Big Hit announced an additional vinyl release on Oct. 12. An additional Weverse album version is available as well.

Jimin's "Face" Physical CD Details

The two versions of the "Face" physical album are called "Invisible Face" and "Undefinable Face," and will each include:

  • Photobook (1 type for each version)
  • CD Envelope (1 type for each version)
  • CD - R (1 type for each version)
  • Photocard A (3 types for each version)
  • Photocard B (1 Random out of 3 types per version)
  • Postcard (1 type for each version)
  • Large Postcard (1 type for each version)

Jimin's "Face" Vinyl Details

The "Face" vinyl will be available for pre-order through Weverse Shop and major retailers beginning on Oct. 18 in the US and will begin shipping on Jan. 12, 2024. The vinyl has one version and includes:

  • Outer Sleeve (1 type)
  • Vinyl (1 type)
  • Booklet (1 type)
  • Booklet Envelope (1 type)
  • Post Card (1 type)
  • Photo Card (2 types)

Jimin's "Face (Weverse Album Version)" Details

The Weverse Album version of "Face" only has one version and includes:

  • Outer Box (1 type)
  • Wrapping Paper (1 type)
  • Booklet (1 type) / 28pages
  • Lyrics Paper (1 type)
  • User Guide (1 type)
  • QR Postcard (1 type)
  • Writing Note (1 type)
  • Photocard (1 Random out of 2 types)
Where to Buy Jimin's "Face" Album
Weverse Shop

Where to Buy Jimin's "Face" Album

Jimin's physical album is available for purchase on most major retailers, with different retailers offering exclusive editions.

  • Weverse Shop sells both versions of the regular album for $19, and an additional exclusive edition of both versions will include an extra postcard.
  • Target is selling an exclusive edition of both versions of the physical album for $20 that will contain an additional postcard (but the album version is selected at random when you purchase from Target).
  • Walmart is selling both versions of the regular album for $24, and you can pick which version you want.
  • Amazon is selling both versions of the regular album for $22, and you can pick which version you want.
  • The "Face" (Weverse Album Version) is only available on Weverse Shop and costs $12.

Do "Face" Album Purchases Count Toward the Billboard Charts?

Any purchase made through the USA Weverse Shop, BTS official webstore, or major U.S. retailers will count toward the Billboard Charts. The only exception is the "Face (Weverse Album Version)," which does not include a physical CD and thus doesn't count toward the Billboard charts.

Jimin's "Face" Album Tour
Getty | Richard Bord

Jimin's "Face" Album Tour

It's unclear if Jimin will go on tour for his debut album, but some fans think he may have teased the possibility in a Weverse livestream filmed on Feb. 3.

According to a translation by @BTSintheMoment, while discussing the progress of his album, Jimin said, "It isn't completely ready, but it is quite ready. So I wanted to tell you it won't be long. I am also preparing hard so that I can do something and have fun with you all."

Jimin often refers to performing for his fans as having fun with ARMYs, and considering the international makeup of the fans watching his livestream, many took this as a hint he could have plans to take his debut album on the road.

In J-Hope's Feb. 18 livestream, while chatting, J-Hope teased Jimin saying, "I hear you're studying English hard these days?" according to a translation by @bora_twts. Jimin responded, "That's a secret . . . Didn't I say it was a secret? I was gonna say something when my level was better." While this wouldn't be the first time BTS members talked about studying English, they often talk about increasing their studies when they're preparing to do promotions in the U.S., which could also hint at Jimin touring and promoting in English-speaking countries.

It's important to note neither J-Hope nor RM, who released their solo albums in July 2022 and December 2022, respectively, went on tour. So, there's a chance Jimin was referring to a similar rollout as his bandmates: performing a few concerts, music shows, and/or festivals, but not a full-blown tour. Still, Suga notably had a successful tour with his "Agust D" world tour, so touring definitely isn't out of the question.

Jimin's "Face" Album Concept

Jimin's "Face" Album Concept

On Feb. 21, Big Hit teased the final concept of Jimin's solo album on its Instagram Story, writing, "Circle of Resonance. Reflection of vulnerable minds and unexposed wounds. Waves originated from the deepest invisible inner world, pass through the face on the surface and reach others to resonate while transmitting the inner voice. Wave spreads beautifully, finding its own flow despite wounds and distortions from a smallest scratch. The face of unwavering effort despite repeated falls and pain."

Previously, in a January 2023 Q&A with W Korea for his February 2023 cover issue, Jimin gave more insight into the concept of his solo album. "It's not something grand or huge," he shared. "Since I am working alone for the first time on an album, I feel a lot of pressure . . . As I experienced the past two years, I put my feelings and thoughts in the album chronologically. It's an album that I can look back on myself, I think? I would like you to think like that."

In a June 2022 Weverse Magazine interview, Jimin revealed what kind of vibes fans could expect from the album. "Maybe I can be just a little more explicit," Jimin said in Korean. "I just think I can show something a little more raw about me. That might include a more mature side, too, but what I'm really interested in is showing something closer to my real, personal rawness directly in a format like music or music videos. By doing so, I think maybe I can show something I never have before."

While Jimin stressed that his thoughts and feelings are expressed well through BTS's group work, his solo album allowed him to get even more honest with his music. "Like, something that shows the things I usually think about a little more honestly?" he said. "You know, some of the older members have already dealt with some darker material on their solo mixtapes. I think I'm trying to do something similar."

His album explored the emotions he experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic as well. "I'm doing this more for my own sake than because I want to say something to other people," he explained. "Because after a year and a half of the pandemic, I was thinking a lot about how I was a little lost. Once the other members found out about that, they said, 'Why don't you try to make it into music?' And that made me decide I should try and talk about it in my music."

Jimin's "Face" Album Title Meaning

Jimin's "Face" Album Title Meaning

In Big Hit's official announcement, they shared that Jimin's debut solo album's title is "Face," adding that the album "is all about Jimin facing himself head-on as he gets ready for his next step as a solo artist."


Jimin's "Face" Album Promotional Photos

On March 10, Jimin dropped the last of his "Face" concept photos on Twitter. This set, called the Software Version, mirrored his edgy Hardware Version photos in that they showed the singer in similar poses, but dressed in all white and styled like a dream. The one aspect of the photos that has fans theorizing is that Jimin appears to have scratches on his face in one set, while in another, he looks forlorn, like a wounded angel.

Earlier on March 9, Jimin released the Hardware version of his concept photos in three consecutive posts, each featuring photos edgier than the last. In one, Jimin is makeup-less and rocking a leather jacket. Another zooms in close on Jimin's face as he tilts his head upward, showing off a faux lip ring and eyebrow piercings. In the final set of photos, Jimin appears to be shirtless and has black thorns on his eyebrows and running down his neck.

Earlier, on March 7, Big Hit began rolling out Jimin's "Face" album promotional photos on Twitter, the first being a black-and-white mood photo that shows Jimin in a dark room filled with covered-up furniture — back turned to the cameras — walking toward a door that opens to a well-lit space. While the photo doesn't give away much, fans have already begun theorizing about how it might connect to the themes and lyrics of his album.


Jimin's "Face" Album Performances

While performances on Korean music shows like "Inkigayo," "Music Bank," "M Countdown," "Music Core," and more were a regular occurrence when BTS was promoting their music as a group, neither J-Hope nor RM performed on those stages for their album promotions. Thus, fans didn't expect to see those appearances from Jimin either. That's not the case for Jimin, however.

On March 16, Big Hit announced through a Weverse statement that Jimin would perform on "Music Bank," while Star News confirmed Jimin would perform on "Inkigayo." On March 17, hours after the premiere of Jimin's "Set Me Free Pt. 2" music video, "The Tonight Show" announced on Twitter that Jimin would perform on the Jimmy Fallon-hosted late-night talk show. Jimin would later perform "Like Crazy" during Suga's "D-Day" tour on Aug. 5. Check out all the performances below.

Jimin's "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" "Like Crazy" Performance

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Jimin's "Music Bank" "Like Crazy" Performance

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Jimin's "Inkigayo" "Like Crazy" Performance

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Jimin's "Like Crazy" Performance at Suga's "D-Day" Tour

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Jimin's "Like Crazy" Music Video

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Jimin's "Set Me Free Pt. 2" Music Video

Jimin's "Face" Album Release Date
Getty | Rich Fury

Jimin's "Face" Album Release Date

Jimin's "Face" released on March 24.


Jimin's "Face" Album Tracklist

On Feb. 23, Big Hit revealed the "Face" tracklist, which consists of six songs, including an English version of the main track. The prerelease track is called "Set Me Free Pt. 2," while the main track is called "Like Crazy." Check out the full tracklist below.

  1. "Face-off"
  2. "Interlude : Drive"
  3. "Like Crazy"
  4. "Alone"
  5. "Set Me Free Pt. 2"
  6. "Like Crazy" (English Version)

Jimin's "Face" Album Schedule

Jimin announced his "Face" promotional schedule on Feb. 22, which included the release of two singles and music videos. Check out the schedule below (all times are EST):

  • Feb. 23 (10 am): Tracklist
  • March 6 (12 am): "Christmas Love"/"Promise" Official Release
  • March 7 (10 am): Mood Photo
  • March 9 (10 am/10:15 am/10:30 am): Concept Photos (Hardware Version)
  • March 10 (10 am/10:15 am/10:30 am): Concept Photos (Software Version)
  • March 12 (11 am): Pre-release Track Poster
  • March 14 (11 am): Pre-release Track Official Music Video Teaser
  • March 15 (11 am): Pre-release Track Official Music Video Teaser (Shorts Version)
  • March 17 (12 am): Pre-release Track Official Music Video
  • March 19 (11 am): Main Track Poster
  • March 21 (11 am): Main Track Official Music Video Teaser
  • March 22 (11 am): Main Track Official Music Video Teaser (Shorts Version)
  • March 24 (12 am): Main Track Official Music Video