Feather Out Your Mullets — Jimmy Fallon and Weezer Go Full '80s to Perform "Take On Me"

In a truly retro leap back to the '80s, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots teamed up with Weezer to perform A-ha's "Take On Me" with classroom instruments on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Now, we all know that there is nothing that could best the animation perfection that is the music video for "Take On Me." The transitions from live-action to pencil-sketch animation (which is called rotoscoping, so there's your new fact of the day)? Innovative. The romantic fantasy story that brings our main character into the world of the hero? Riveting. Those feathered coiffed dos? Inimitable!

But we have to admit, Fallon and Weezer do a pretty impressive job paying tribute to the iconic hit. Not only is everyone decked out in some serious '80s regalia and new wave haircuts, but the crew also gets animated, just like the music video! Sadly, they don't re-create the chase scene, but it's still a very cool video anyway. Check out the performance ahead!