Joey Tribbiani Sequin Pillows Are Exactly What My Couch Needs, So, "How You Doin'?"

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There's only one thing I want visitors to do when they walk into my apartment: look it up and down and ask, "How you doin'?" Friends fans may already have a yellow frame over the peephole on their front door or even a Central Perk coffee mug, but I can guarantee they don't have a sequin pillow with Joey Tribbiani's adorable face plastered on it. That's right: if you were impressed by the sexy Jeff Goldblum pillows or entertained by the Dwight Schrute Office-inspired pillows, Etsy is back to fill our living rooms with more sequined goodies, and this one features none other than Dr. Drake Ramoray Joseph Francis Tribbiani, Jr.

The hilarious living room decor has reversible red sequins that reveal Matt LeBlanc's iconic character and his most famous one-liner when moved around. The Friends TV Sequin Pillow ($24, originally $40) is available on Etsy, and we highly recommend stocking up, because Joey doesn't share food, but we don't share our Joey pillows.