Netflix Has Had It With Jonah Hill Using a Fart Machine at Press Events, but He Won’t Be Silenced!

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Who knew a fart machine would cause so much commotion? Jonah Hill appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night and explained the comedic reason he got in trouble with Netflix. Turns out, Hill received a fart machine as a gift and he's been using it during press events for the upcoming movie Don't Look Up to mess with his renowned costars Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Tyler Perry, Rob Morgan, and more. "We did this big fancy press conference, and I did the fart machine when someone was talking about climate change. My castmates did not find it funny," Hill recalled, noting that Streep was the only one amused.

Because of his constant use of the fart machine, Don't Look Up director Adam McKay had to pull Hill aside and let him know executives at Netflix asked him "multiple times" to ask the actor "to stop using the fart machine during press for the film." In response, Hill declared that while he loves the streaming service, "No corporate entity will ever silence my digital farts, motherf*cker!" Watch the hilarious retelling above! Oh, and uh, enjoy a clip of Hill using the fart machine at a press event below.

Love that Jonah Hill's fart machine caught on. Leo thought he was interrupting him with it last night. 🙈 #DontLookUp

— Jada Gomez (@JadaGomez) December 7, 2021