Kaley Cuoco Blackmails a Serial Killer in "Based on a True Story" Trailer

Kaley Cuoco's new comedic thriller series, "Based on a True Story," takes a deep dive into the world of true crime and toilets. Adding to her growing list of onscreen investigations, Cuoco is set to lead Peacock's new true-crime-inspired series about three people whose lives get flipped upside down after an unexpected series of events forces them together — featuring scenes interspersed with literal toilet humor (read: a mystery-comedy–lover's dream come true).

For anyone who was invested in the absurdity and genre-specific irony of Netflix's "The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window," Peacock's new series is on its way to immerse us in another eccentric mystery. According to the streaming platform, the show is about "a realtor, a plumber, and a former tennis star whose lives unexpectedly collide, exposing America's obsession with true crime, murder, and the slow-close toilet seat." Not the typical thriller theme, but we're intrigued.

"Over the last decade, a true crime phenomenon has swept over America," showrunner Craig Rosenberg said in a statement. "Podcasts, documentaries, fictional shows based on true stories — they dominate the culture. Murderers have become celebrities and celebrities have become murderers which inspired me to create this show. I became fascinated with the idea of a relatable married couple whose youthful dreams hadn't come to fruition and who saw the true crime tidal wave as an opportunity to change their lives and save their marriage."

The eight-episode series will be set in Los Angeles, where the characters will be confronted with questions of "fame, ambition, aspiration, and murder."


"Based on a True Story" Cast

The series will star Kaley Cuoco as a pregnant woman named Ava Bartlett. Chris Messina portrays her husband, Nathan, and Tom Bateman is Matt. After developing an interest in a local serial killer named the West Side Ripper, Ava sets out to extort the killer in an attempt to turn her life around. Additional cast members include Priscilla Quintana, Liana Liberato, "Stranger Things" star Natalia Dyer, Alex Alomar Akpobome, Aisha Alfa, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, and Li Jun Li.

While parts of "Based on a True Story" were reportedly influenced by true events, Peacock has not shared any additional details about the series or the actual crimes that inspired it.

"Based on a True Story" Premiere Date

"Based on a True Story" will be executive produced by "Ozark" star Jason Bateman, Michael Costigan, and Craig Rosenberg, who will also serve as the showrunner through Aggregate Films. The series will premiere exclusively on Peacock on June 8.

"Based on a True Story" Trailer

On May 15, Peacock released an official trailer for "Based on a True Story." The clip features Ava and Nathan, a married couple with a baby on the way struggling to get by. When Ava suggests they seek out a local serial killer and blackmail him to get ahead, Nathan goes along with the plan, resulting in a chaotic series of events that might land the couple in jail before their baby arrives. Watch the full "Based on a True Story" trailer ahead.

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