Yep, Kanye West Really Performed on SNL Dressed Like a Sparkling Water Bottle

Did Halloween come early for Kanye West? West's known for his theatrics and unpredictability, but the 41-year-old rapper truly might've outdone himself with his recent Saturday Night Live performance. West and Lil Pump performed their track "I Love It" for the SNL audience, but they didn't stick to any "normal" attire (or even too-small slides). No, instead the rappers decided "plastic bottles" are the name of the game and opted for Fiji-water- and Perrier-inspired outfits. Hydration for Fall? Groundbreaking.

Later in the show, West performed "We Got Love," a new collaboration with Teyana Taylor, and closed out the evening with an uncomfortable political rant. However, he seems unfazed. He later tweeted that he's been asked to host before the end of the year, so this may not be the last time we see Kanye take the SNL stage in 2018.