An AGT Contestant Turned 1 of Pink's Most Popular Songs Into a Gorgeous Acoustic Ballad

Lamont Landers hit the stage on America's Got Talent this week determined to impress judge Simon Cowell. The last time Landers performed on the show, he was called "torturous" and "cocky" by Cowell, who criticized the contestant's decision to sing Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" (apparently that's too much of a "wedding song") and his flippant attitude towards the judges. Fortunately, Landers seems to have redeemed himself.

On Tuesday, he decided to sing an acoustic version of Pink's recent hit, "Walk Me Home." Although the original track is upbeat, it also includes plenty of seriously swoon-worthy lyrics, and Landers's performance emphasized just how romantic of a song it really is. But the real question is: Was it enough to impress Cowell this time around?! Watch the video above to hear the contestant's take on Pink's song for yourself, and then keep scrolling to see photos from the big moment.

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