Lea Michele and Darren Criss Have a Magical Glee Reunion With "White Christmas" Duet

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The holidays are sure to be filled with "glee" thanks to Lea Michele's new album, Christmas in the City. Not only does the album have several magical covers of your favorite Christmas songs, but it also includes two very special Glee reunions. In addition to covering "I'll Be Home For Christmas" with her longtime best friend Jonathan Groff (aka Jesse St. James), Michele also sings "White Christmas" with our favorite Warbler, Darren Criss.

The latter track is a slowed-down rendition of the holiday tune, and is so beautiful, it will practically make you melt on the spot. Seriously, how great are Criss and Michele's voices together? Get ready to feel nostalgic over Rachel Berry and Blaine Anderson's Michele and Criss's duet above.