The Legends of the Hidden Temple Movie Aims to Please Both '90s Fans and Today's Kids

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When '90s kids found out that Nickelodeon game show Legends of the Hidden Temple was being brought back as a movie in Fall 2016, there was a mixed reaction of excitement and nerves. Would it be as great as the original series? Would they ignore fan-favorite show features like the Shrine of the Silver Monkey and Olmec the talking head? But in a Comic-Con panel featuring original hosts Kirk Fogg and Dee Bradley Baker, new film star Isabela Moner, and producer Michael Sammaciccia, fans old and new were assuaged.

"It's a very cinematic game show," Sammaciccia said about why '90s fans adored the original series and why it will translate well into a modern movie. Moner described the movie as "scary" and "different" from traditional Nickelodeon fare but promised panel attendees that it would retain the same features that they loved so much. Fogg even went so far as to claim the film is "like Jumanji" in its intensity and ability to bridge the gap between game and feature film.

Give the trailer for the movie a watch, and gauge for yourself how much it compares to your favorite '90s Nick show. Don't worry . . . a green monkey makes an appearance, and the kid stars struggle to put together the Shrine of the Silver Monkey just like in the old-school game!