Even Brad Pitt Wants to Know Why Leonardo DiCaprio Didn't Fit on the Titanic Door

The Titanic door theory is one of life's great movie mysteries. Could Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Jack, have fit on the floating wooden plank with Kate Winslet's Rose? DiCaprio faced the question firsthand while doing press for his latest film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with his equally curious costars Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie.

A quick refresher on this puzzling scene: after escaping the sinking ship, Rose stays alive and above the icy water, thanks to the support of a floating door. Jack, on the other hand, isn't so lucky — but many fans argue there was enough room for the both of them all along. We can chalk this up to yet another thing about Titanic that just doesn't make sense, but even 22 years later, DiCaprio isn't ready to share his two cents.

During an interview with MTV, DiCaprio tried to dodge questions about this infamous theory but his castmates wouldn't let it go. Robbie was a fan of the film growing up, and definitely noticed the inconsistency, while Pitt vowed to go back and watch again with this tricky detail in mind. As for DiCaprio? He has "no comment" when it comes to this controversy — but his sly smile says it all.